March 15, 2009

My favourite colours

First there was green. All sorts of green in all sorts of shades. A lovely green lounge. Green tiles in the kitchen. Green towels in the bathroom. Green bush outside our windows. Sometimes I would come home from shopping and realise that I had unconsciously bought everything in green. T-shirts, jumpers skirts bags. It was all green.
The Rooster's favourite colour is green too. His favourite food is green pasta (read pesto pasta). When the Rooster was little we would step out and we would look ridiculously "mini me" in our greens. It was months (actually it was well in the second year) before I realised it and only after my mother pointed it out asking if my son had any shirts that weren't green.

Next it was red. That gorgeous watermelon, almost red but not quite pink.

Last March after having Missy I went to pick up a few things that weren't maternity and I came home with 3 tops all in the same colour. Again quite by accident and only discovering it when I arrived home. When doing laundry Missy and I have the same load and all our reds and watermelons and pinks get mixed up and tumble about together.

But my all time favourite colour.? Brown. Dark eyes. Dark hair. Chocolate. Old furniture. Puddles of mud. Great stomping boots. The colour of good coffee. A warm colour for winter and a cool summer shade. And the best thing about Brown? It goes perfectly with green and watermelon.

Thanks to a busy
Cindy for hosting and to Amityvilleboronia for choosing this weeks theme.


  1. i could deffinately have joined your green team!

  2. I love the colour co-ordination you have going on there. Nice work indeed.

  3. I really love the colour coordination, awesome colours, and such cute photos of big and smalls!