March 23, 2009

A magical Monday meal

Not usually one to blog food but tonight's dinner was too noteworthy to let pass. At 6.20 we had the littlies fed but were yet to think of something for ourselves. We had a huge pumpkin from our fruit and vege co-op just begging to be used for pumpkin soup.

So while the kids thrashed out their last bit of energy before winding down for bed, I peeled and chopped and roasted the pumpkin and a few onions all ready to be blitzed into soup. Stuck to the fridge was a recipe for olive and basil bread that I wrote down from someones blog. Apologies to that blogger for not crediting her. I was browsing blog land late one night and stumbled across it and jotted it down never thinking I would ever get around to trying it. So, if you recognise this recipe as posted elsewhere let me know.

Anyway, I threw that together taking all of 5 minutes and it was delicious. Saying that, Tools came down, saw it and asked had I made a cake too. He had some serious ground to make up considering I had whipped up an almost gourmet dinner in under 30 minutes and it was his suggestion that we shoot it and blog it.

Olive and Basil Bread.

1 cup of chopped olives
1 bunch of chopped basil
add this to
1 cup of wholemeal self-raising flour and
3 quarters of a cup of parmesan
also add
4 eggs
40 grams of butter

Cook in oven for 40 mins

Served fresh from the oven, it was perfect with the soup as it held together really well. I live in hope that my picky eating children will try it tomorrow for lunch. Wishful thinking.

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  1. I'll be giving this a go tonight - it looks fantastic! If it works, I'll shoot and blog it, and credit you :)