March 3, 2009

Win one, lose one.

Not alot of magic happening here last night. Our Missy lulled us into a false sense of sleeping confidence the night before. It was obviously a one-off, never to be repeated in the forseeable future, kind of event. Last night we were up, down, up, down all night long and awoke to find her hair plastered to her face because of all the SNOT that was pouring out her nose! At least we were up all night for good reason, that being that our littliest was sick.

Magic was happening in the Rooster's world though. He left his two favourite cars at the library this afternoon and an hour later they were where exactly where he left them.
Had he put them down in the children's book area they would have been long gone. Instead, he left them on the chess board in the quiet reading section. The old folk reading the papers obviously had no interest in his cars (on closer inspection they would have noticed that these were collectors cars...yeah, der for bringing them out of the house, but you try arguing that point with a three and a half year old!).

Magical March is working in mysterious ways in our home. Hoping for some to be sprinkled on our slumbering children tonight.


  1. I love how they lull us into a false sense of security - my Ellie has been a crap sleeper forever and at 20 months still wakes up at least once a night BUT the past 3 nights she has slept through. Is this the start of trend....I surely hope so, because I NEED SOME PROPER SLEEP. Good luck with your sleep - and I hear ya!

  2. I don't know how you mum's manage without sleep. It's the part of parenthood that I fear the most, one bad sleep has me in a mess for days, I don't know what 20 months would do!!!! I guess I'll find out one day ;)

    Wishing the magical March sleeping dust blows back your way again soon.