March 26, 2009

Easter Trees

Five years ago we were in Lebanon celebrating a Greek Orthodox Easter with my Father's family. Every house we visited had one of these beautiful Easter trees on display.
We couldn't help but be captivated by this beautiful tradition. The hand-painted hanging eggs, the hand-dyed eggs for cracking at Easter Sunday lunch and the hand made mamul, Easter biscuits with walnuts and dates for nibbling with coffee when visiting over the season.

My mother bought home some treasures from that special Easter and continues the tradition each year in her home. This year she had a special helper.
The Rooster has noticed that the shops are full of bunnies and eggs but as yet, has no idea that these shiny foil wrappings contain chocolate. He has decided that he might like to have an Easter egg hunt with his friends after reading Peter Rabbit and the Egg Hunt, a truly beautiful story book. He thinks that he might like to find 10 eggs in his garden just like Peter Rabbit.


  1. I was in Anthens for Greek Easter one year. It was unforgettable!

  2. I just love the tree. I would love to start a tradition like with my family. Something that they can enjoy, remember and pass on to their children.

  3. Great Easter tree - beautiful - I think Ellie would pull it apart in 3 seconds flat!

    How is your sleeping going?

  4. I am all for any kind of holiday decorations. Especially when they're as pretty as these easter trees!