April 6, 2009

Mail swap

I am always one to leave things to the last minute, knowing that I will reach my optimum performance when the pressure is really on to get it done. I fear that I will pass this terrible tendency onto my children and I am afraid that it may have begun today.

We finished the last of our mail swap cards this afternoon and made the post 30 minutes before the deadline. Phew! We had the enthusiasm gunning but our momentum got derailed with the latest round of lurgies that have plagued our home.

To the little recipients of Luca's cards, here he is posting your letters to places that are so far away to a three and a half year old.

Hope you are as excited to be receiving them as he was posting them.


  1. Luca, thank-you very mcuh for my great card. I would love to invite you around to play but you are a little far away mum said. I am calling them my beautiful specials.

  2. Hi Luca, I got mine the other day..thanks alot. my mama said you live in Australia and if so farway, further than Indonesia where my aunties & my grandma live. I wish we could play together (rizqi)