April 20, 2009

A surprise

I am a week late posting this Eyespy but I wanted to wait until this sweet little heart made its way to my letterbox before announcing my good fortune.
I arrived home Monday night after a busy Easter weekend and was utterly surprised to discover that I was the winner of Georgie Love first birthday giveaway. I think that the last time I won something I was in Year 8, nearly 15 years ago, and this Emma Grace heart surely beats the pants of that dinky fete raffle prize.

Thanks to Sally for her generous gift. Make sure that you check out the gorgeous handmade treasures that she has stashed in her shop.


  1. That is a stunning prize - how very lucky you are

  2. So very lucky! That heart is gorgeous!

  3. I am glad you won it - perfect timing (for your wedding anniversary) and good lift for a mama. xxx