April 8, 2009

New developments and many discoveries

I have sat on these two Eyespy themes for a little while now. Rather than a new development and something that I have discovered, I have thought that I will try for 10 everyday things that have become apparent as I have muddled my way through this very busy year .

1. That sleep is over-rated. It is best to cheer for the hours that you have slept rather than those you haven't. It gives a whole new perspective on things.

2. That day-light saving really sucks. With a Rooster and his little hen in this house we really didn't need to wake up any earlier.

3. That little girls are little girls and that the instinct to nurture begins at a very early age. I am astounded at Missy's innate need to mother. She cuddles and feed her teddies and dolls, and our cat, who was swiftly relegated to the bottom of the food chain when the Rooster was born, has acquired a new Mama in our Missy.

4. That sometimes the turkeys do get you down. It is nice to wallow in it for a little while but most often it is best pick yourself, dust yourself off and suck it up to face another day.

5. That my children love me. Unconditionally. They rarely see my faults and are quite forgiving of my weaknesses. That truly is an amazing thing.

6. That a 27 hour day would allow me to get to the bottom of my to-do list and then some.

7. That preparing one meal that we can all eat is a simple pleasure. Tonight we had a stirfried chicken with cashews. Missy had her juzched, the rooster had rice in one bowl, his chicken on the side and his mushroom raw. Tools and I ate like normal human beings, albeit a little quickly while keeping the madhouse in order.

8. That it is best not to sweat the little things. They can so easily be ignored or overlooked and that too much energy is wasted trying to solve the unsolvable.

9. That girlfriends are the salt of the earth. What we would we do without those gals who listen to our woes over and over again and still have words of encouragement to keep you going. Those pals you can ring in the middle of the day just so you can hear voice that is older than 3 years old. And those girlfriends you can natter with for hours over a cup of tea or a bottle of wine, that you can pick up with after 1 month or 1 year as if it was yesterday.

10. That daddies are a joy. A new face at the end of the day. An extra pair of hands. An endless source of mirth. This precious relationship needs just as much attention and nurturing as our children. That it is best to go to sleep without a heavy heart and that almost every problem can be solved if we stand united as a team.

Thanks to
A little bird told me and The Byron Life for such challenging themes and to Cindy for hosting.


  1. I think we can allow a little sitting when it pulls together so much good stuff