April 14, 2009

It's show time!

Coming home on the train tonight, I asked the Rooster what his favourite thing was at the Royal Easter Show.

Was it the racing and flying pigs that we lined up for an hour to see,
or the little pig that he patted who just happened to poo at just the right moment (little boys are little boys and a poo on queue leaves quite a lasting impression)?

Was it the sliding ducklings or the greedy goats,
The hatching chicks or the tiny mice that he now thinks might make lovely pets?

Was it those strong woodchopping men,
or the fish made of green apples in the food pavillion?

Was it his cousin Laura singing and dancing on stage
or the police horse that reared backwards and nearly knocked the pram over?

He thought about it for a few minutes, every part of the day ticking over in his memory. It is always interesting when your children answer this qusetion. Most often my guess at what his highlight will be is a little off the mark.

Today the Rooster loved the giant ferris wheel, with its slow moving pods and spectacular views over the show and towards the city. I ride taken with his Nanny and Poppy. For him this was his magic moment.


  1. WOW! That's a fantastic magic moment to remember. I will always remember the sensation of Dad's arms around me as the Ferris Wheel went up impossibly high.. I think I was 5.

  2. Sounds like a good day out - sadly we didnt make the Easter Show this year thanks to my darn back - but next year we will be there and we are going on everything!