April 23, 2009

The Henhouse

Tools had been hard at work these holidays building our chicken coup.
He has had one or two little helpers, one supervisor and alot of drizzle to contend with but at last he is done.
The chooks arrive tomorrow.
Our Rooster is very excited at the prospect of hens joining our mad menagerie.


  1. your chook house looks great! cant wait to see your hens when you get them. chooks are so much fun, you guys will love them:)

  2. Hi Mon,

    just ate the most delicious sandwich - a scrap of ham (all that was left after the kids had their thick ham sandwiches) nice cheese and your tomato relish - toasted.

    Any chance you could blog how to make your relish (no rush, just when you do it next). would love to be able to make some....