April 29, 2009


Our entire house is a work in progress. We arrived here 8 years ago with the motto "slowly, slowly". It had potential, we could see that. All it needed was a wall knocked down, a new bathroom, a new kitchen, carpet ripped up, boards put down, a splash of paint . Gosh, I'm exhausted just making this list. Mind you, we only do these jobs when we are on school holidays. We hate to work when we work.

This is the current holiday project. New flooring for the laundry.
We gone from "Forest Green" paving paint......to this more subtle coloured lino.

A much nicer environment to do the laundry don't you think?

Michelle chose this weeks theme. More WIPs over at Bug and Pop.


  1. I love the less green laundry, much nicer. Those houses are so time consuming

  2. So much nicer! That green is rather scary.