March 22, 2009

Something Beautiful in my Backyard

This time eight years ago we moved up to the Blue Mountains and began the arduous task of searching for a house to buy. After many disappointing months we stumbled upon the house we now live in. We walked through the front door and straight out the back door and set our eyes on this.
The bush is a beautiful backdrop to our garden. It is full of birds during the day and possums, crickets and other creatures at night. Last spring we put the pond in and over the summer on those very hot evenings wallabies would venture up for a cool drink.

We have one other structure in our yard that worthy of a mention.
Tools made this beautiful cubby house for the Rooster for his birthday last year. As you can imagine, he was pretty chuffed. All his mates have a ball when they come over to play, leaving the mummies on the deck with the littler ones to enjoy the view and the peace and stillness of the bush.
Beyond pink and blue chose this weeks beautiful theme for Eyespy Sunday .


  1. I envy your view.. from my kitchen window, I see a very old fence (about to fall down - held up only by my 'green' bin which I propped up against it so the kids could play without being squashsed when the fence finaly goes to god) and into the neighbour's bleak backyard.

  2. All those grey greens are so very "blue mountains".

    I grew up there you know? I went to Lapstone Primary and Blaxland High. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins all still live up there' from Glenbrook to Springwood. :)