February 25, 2009

A glass half full

In the spirit of this blog I will not dwell on the fact that I was up two and a half hours with Missy last night. I will not dwell on the fact that, while sitting on the floor of her room, I added up the hours spent on said floor in the past week and arrived at 24. Yep. 24 hours. A whole day. Sitting. On. The. Floor. Of. Her. Room. Many of you may think that I'm crazy, but my focus is just to keep her quiet so that our little Rooster does not rise before the break of dawn.

Instead I will focus on the 6 hours of sleep that I had. Six hours is tons. Many nights I've had much less. I have to thank bad television because last night I went to bed early and snuck in 4 hours before my call up.

Two and a half hours goes surprising quickly when you are up and down between floor and spare bed. About two hours in, I began to think of all the things I could have done in this time frame. Driven to the city and back, watched a movie at the cinema, power walked the City to Surf (well almost!), got half way through a great chick lit book. All very useful things. Shushing my Missy, although being a means to an end, did not seem very useful. Ahh....it could have been worse, much, much worse.

What we needed today was a home day. A day to stay in jammies till 11 and potter around the house at our own pace. I ironed and the Rooster discovered a new way to play with with his marble run. We read books and played on the climbing frame in the sunshine. We ate lunch on the deck and made a stack of birthday cards for the parties we have coming up this weekend.

In the afternoon we headed off for a walk. 15 minutes in and too far to turn back, I discovered that today was a hot day. Really too hot to be walking up hills pushing in excess of 30kgs. I stopped for a breather and a gulp of water and the Rooster says "Come on Mummy. You can do it. Keep on going. I'll tell you when we get to the top". Has the Rooster been sneaking in episodes of
The Biggest Loser and modelling his rah rahing on the style of Shannon?

We've had a calm day after the storm that had been this past week. To top it off my little fella showed me just how clever he is becoming. He was signing his name at the bottom of each card as we made them and at the third he remembered that Missy needed to be included. I told him I had added her name on the other cards but he insisted that he could do it for this last one. This is what he came up with, with not a bit of help from his mama.

I know that this blog is not usually a vehicle for bragging about my kids but I couldn't help but show this one off (the Rooster's Uncle and Aunt in Canada who read this blog will be equally impressed) .

So all in all a good day. Fingers crossed for an easy(ish) night. I have work tomorrow.


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  2. I am feeling your pain! hope you got your good night's sleep last night. I got woken up a couple of nights ago by Peanut's crying, and when I walked in, I saw that she had lifted her pillow and was patting her hand under it, looking for her dummy.. it was so cute !!

  3. Oh, so sweet, he's a clever boy! (Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight!!)

  4. Oh, I hope you manage to get a couple more hours of sleep in tonight. It sounds like you had a great day at home, though. 24 hours is a big part of your life, but when Missy is a little older and a little more settled, she'll remember those nights that you stayed awake with her. And she'll know what's in store for her when she has her own little ones! :)

  5. Wow, I am agog at the Rooster's cleverness! The Pirate has no interest in his alphabet at all, but at least he likes to read (make that BE read to) books with me.

    I hope you get some good (quality!) sleep in, and remember that of course, it *will* pass!!