February 3, 2009

Small Things

The Crafty Librarian picked a tough one for this weeks eyespy and I have to admit I really struggled. Other than the two small objects that I fondly refer to as my children, and the colonies of ants that set up home in every crevice and corner of my home and car I kid you not about the car), there is not much small around here. Thought that I would have to give this one a miss, but finally got a bit of inspiration from Flossy-p and her travel treasures.

These have been stashed in a drawer awaiting the return of some shelves that are getting a spruce up from my Dad.

Prague's Old Town Square with its famous astronomical clock

Like every good holiday momento they come with a good story. We were in Prague on Christmas Eve in 1998 (gosh, that seems like an eon ago!). I spotted this little group of buildings at the Christmas market that was set up in the main square and fell in love with them immeadiately. Tools, who is more of a practical person and a man to boot, vetoed their purchase and I left Prague sad and empty handed. The next day was of course Christmas Day and we were a long way from Prague, up in Northern Czech skiing. To my utter delight my much coveted little buildings were sitting under our little tree.

They remind me of a magical city, an amazing holiday with one of my best girlfriends and to never underestimate my husband. He knows that the little things in life count and has taught me not to sweat the small stuff.


  1. What a lovely story, and a gorgeous decoration. And a wonderful Tools, too, to have snuck them to you. Isn't it great when you find someone who helps you relax and keep things in perspective?

  2. Fantastic story - how romantic! They are really gorgeous, no wonder you were so sad to leave them!

  3. Carrie says it is good to peak in on your world from here! Good to see the pictures too.