February 12, 2009

Nearly One

Missy is one on Saturday. A Valentine baby. She will always be special on that overly commercial, overly sentimental day even if she never gets a card or a single red rose from some spotty boy during her adolescence.

Tomorrow she is at childcare and having her first hip hip hooray experience (I am feeling a pang just knowing I will be missing it) and I have just finished putting this together.

I showed Tools my creation, as he has made all over the Rooster's cakes in previous years (I tell you, he is the man when it comes to icing. Stay tuned for what he will come up with on the weekend) and was a pleased as punch when he said it was a basket of flowers, just as I intended.

I remember choosing this cake for my 10th birthday after pouring over the AWW Birthday Cake book . It's a lovely coincidence that Missy will celebrate her first with this cake.


  1. I hope she has a fantastic birthday - lovely cake, much nicer than the green monstrosity that I made my wee one!

  2. My firstborn Ratbag was supposed to be a Mother's Day baby. Oh how I waited! I ate curry, I walked, I wanted so badly for him to arrive on that day. Instead, he waited another whole 10 days! It was a sign of things to come... Congratulations and Happy Birthday Missy :)

  3. I too felt the pang of missing Missy's first celebration. We will make it up in the weeks to follow Im sure

  4. Happy birthday to Missy! It's wonderful you have something so real and so fun to celebrate on such an over-commercialized holiday. What a sweet cake you made for her, it's lovely. I usually call it good if my frosting doesn't end up with cake crumbs mixed in.

  5. Happy Birthday to your little Miss! And congrats to you and Tools for making it through the first year (not *so* hard the second time aorund, but still an achievement!).

    Fabulous cake (I spent hours pouring over that book too!!) and can't wait to see what Tools comes up with.

    Have a fabulous weekend of celebrations!