February 14, 2009

A Day in my Life

Another 14th of the month has rolled on and this one I have really been looking to. My gorgeous baby girl Ellie is one today. And although this post is an account of the day in my life that was today, I couldn't help but think about the day that was last year.

My incredibly long labour and the hours Tools spent rubbing my aching back. The rain dripping down the window of my labour room (much like it was today) and the sweet relief when it was finally over and I nuzzled and feed my sweet little girl. Watching the Rooster's face the first time he clapped eyes on this new creature that was to inhabit his world and call his sister. The changes have occurred in all of us since this photo was taken are enormous. So many tiny memories wrapped up in one very big event. I fear that the smaller details will get lost over time leaving my with just a feeling about the day.

Our Missy shares a birthday with another special girl. Her name is Sofia and is the daughter of one of my oldest friends. Sofia is two today and we spent the morning eating cake and watching our littlies play and dance.
Tonight was just the night for a huge pot of soup and Tools outdoes himself when it comes to Minestrone. Soup in February....almost unheard of, but with a fridge full of vegetables from our fruit and vege co-op, the temperature around 13 degrees (was it really 45 last Saturday?) and a house full of people coming tomorrow it was just what we needed to fill ourselves.

I did lots of baking for tomorrow, cookies, friands and some relish to use up a bag of tomatoes. Oh yeah...and the birthday cake. We love the time late at night creating a special cake for our children.

Ellie loves our cat. She and Timmy play a lovely game of hide and seek in the tent. She is going to love this cake tomorrow at her party.

Late evening and a nostalgic DVD. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I remember dancing to twist and shout in the cinemas when I was 14. We put this movie on last week at school and not one of the kids had seen it. Am hoping this cult movie will seep its way into the hearts of the kids I teach so that when I say "Anyone? Anyone?" It not just me that gets the joke.

Am tired tonight after a week of disruptive nights with our girl. Maybe now she is one she will magically be a better sleeper. I can hope can't I?


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one. It just flies doesn't it. Hope you enjoyed all your celebrations. The cake is adorable. And yes, I think Ferris B is due for a comeback.

  2. Your children are beautiful and both birthday cakes are cute. A simple, but creative way for you and your husband to show your love to your kids. The cakes brought back good memories of my mother's creations she made for our family years ago. 21 years ago her and I made my wedding cake, it was the last thing we made together. I enjoyed a peek into your day, have fun with your family. Your babies will grow up so fast, mine are 18 and 19 and it seems like only a short time ago they were small. Ah, the seasons of life past so quickly.
    another A day in my life blogger