February 18, 2009

Vampire Challenge

It has been amazing to witness how Australians have responded to the Victorian fires. Monetary donations, shopping at Coles on Friday the 13th, volunteering time and skills where ever needed, sales and auctions with proceeds going to charities, Handmade Help....the list goes on. There is one other really important way that most people can help out the survivors of the fires and that is by donating blood. Blood plays a vital role in a burn victim's recovery. They need blood to survive and then to begin the healing process. The Red Cross needs your donations.

I was humbled today when I escorted 6 of my students to the blood bank to make their donations. Staff at the blood bank said that donations have doubled in the past week since putting out their request for blood and plasma donations. If you can give, please do. It takes half an hour, you get a ton of great munchies (including tim tams!) a milkshake of your choice and a warm fuzzy feeling that in doing so you have saved 3 lives. Most people are eligible, but stop by here and to see if you fit the bill. Simple!

1 comment:

  1. The wave of volunteers who want to do something, anything to help after a disaster of this scope is always amazing, isn't it? It's the sort of thing that gives you hope for humanity, watching so many people step up and do what they can to help one another. And it's also good to know that sometimes when you do something good, you get a cookie!