February 16, 2009

It's not popular these days but I love...

Chinese food. Not chinese food with a fusion twist of something else. Just your run of the mill, mongolian lamb, satay chicken, honey chicken, long soup and spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce kind of chinese. Fortunately, we have an excellent local chinese and not much of anything else up here, so if we want a night out close to home, then chinese it is.

Thanks to Cindy who is doing a million and one things at the moment as well as Eyespy Sunday and to Just needs salt for this weeks Secret (food) Shame.


  1. i love chinese food. gosh im hungry now after reading all about it!!

  2. Mmmmm, Chinese food is one of my favorites; I'm a purist, too. Sadly, there isn't a really good restaurant up here in Pennsylvania, so Jim and I tend to wait til we're visiting New Jersey and grab takeout from our favorite place. There's something about those white cardboard boxes...