February 10, 2009

Darkest Day

Like the rest of Australia I am in shock witnessing the aftermath of the Victorian fires. We had bush fires lapping at our property line about 8 years ago but that pales in comparison to the fire storm that has devastated our neighbours down south. My heart swells when I hear the stories of people who made it out but have lost everything, and my tears well when I hear those reunion stories.

We choose to live on the edge of the bush. We are aware of the dangers and each summer we are acutely aware of what threatens to destroy us. A disaster of this magnitude is unimaginable. I simply can't comprehend the number of lives that have been lost in Victoria and my prayers go out to those poor souls who have lost those that they loved and who are enduring the saddest of sad times.

The Rooster must be hearing a little of what is going on. This afternoon as we were waiting on the front veranda for Daddy to get home, he said "Its raining. We really need it, Mummy". I hope the heat predicted for Victoria on the weekend does not eventuate and that sweet rain drenches our thirsty, burning land.

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