January 15, 2009

A day without children

Today was the first day in 11 months that Tools and I have had without our children. We arrived at our coffee shop after dropping the kids at childcare and the baristas let out a cheer for us and our snatch of freedom.

Each of us had promised ourselves a few things for this longed for day. Sitting on the lounge watching a dvd, a mooch down our high street ducking in and out of the shops at leisure, an hour in a resturant eating lunch, a nap to bank some precious sleep. It seemed like alot to fit into one day. The heat was on our side. Perfect indoors, dvd watching, nap taking conditions. We managed lunch. Two courses! We had to move tables mid meal as a family with 3 children under 4 turned up and sat right next to us. We couldn't face those sounds quite yet. We still had an hour until we had to fetch ours.

We had some good conversations and reconnected. We promised to do this more often and to try set up "date night" to catch up with each other properly. Idealistic, but we need to be good to ourselves if we are to be good to those in our care.

Good news is that we can do it all again next Thursday.

PS. Kids went brilliantly at childcare. Missy had a great first day with her new carers and the Rooster had a marvellous time catching up with his buddies that he had missed over the christmas break

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  1. you forgot to mention the incredible s..cotch fillet