January 23, 2009

A kid in a lolly shop

Bought ridiculous amounts of deliciousness today. One of my favourite shoes stores was having an end of season, we can't store any of these shoes so everything must go, sale. At 80% off prices what was a girl to do? Many, many reasons to justify my spending spree today.

A. It was the last day of my years leave from my real job and last day of school holidays.

B. Am going back to work next week and am a little distressed at leaving the kidlins, so a some new foot candy might just cheer me up on those crazy, busy days when I am wading through my sleep deprivation.

C. It's my birthday next week and there is always a moratorium on spending on or near your birthday. Actually, after spending copious amounts of money today at said shop, I was offered a VIP card and when filling in the form noticed that, as of next week, I will have moved into the next tick- a-box. That is reason enough for new shoes!

I started with an armful and short-listed to these. Ignore all price tags. These darlings were down to $22 or $26.

Black peep-toe flats to replace my black mary-janes that are falling apart.

Mushroom patent leather. You don't see that around too often.

Pink and cream patents. I couldn't leave these behind.

Something for autumn and spring.

Something for winter

And these gorgeous strappy's to make me feel just a little bit special on those days when I'm feeling mumsy.


  1. No reasoning I needed I say, ggod job all round.

  2. Wow - you did so well, and I'm with Cindy - no need for justification!

  3. Hi, thanks so much for visiting Heart Felt and leaving your lovely comment. Wow, what a beautiful selection of shoes! Fantastic. xx

  4. I hope you did something really fun for your birthday. I hope that at the very least you got to buy yourself something special.

    -Zane of ontario honey