January 19, 2009

Trains, trains, trains

On Saturday we took a trip to the Powerhouse Museum. The first thing that the Rooster saw was this.
To say he was in awe was an understatement.
That was until he got to Level One and encountered Zoe's House, the ultimate Bob the builder experience for any 3 year old.He got to load up his trolley, push his little carriage through a crossing gate and then deliver his bricks to the house at the end of the line. He thought he was in little boy heaven.
Until he got to the ground floor. Full of planes and trains and spaceships and cars, real ones that a big boy can climb on. He was now at Nirvana.

That was until today. A much promised trip on the Zig-Zag Railway had our little boy mesmerised. He couldn't take his eyes off the steam engine that pulled us across and down the mountain.
We spent a little while in the souvenier shop at the end of the trip and came home empty handed. The Rooster wasn't disappointed, the buzz of his train ride seemed to be enough for him.

However, on the way home, we found this on the side of the road.

It was exactly the thing that we didn't buy at the shop. Some karma coming back to us.
Suffice to say we have a very happy chappy asleep upstairs, dreaming of Trains and Cars and Things that Go.


  1. Hey! You didnt tell me you'd started blogging! Ages ago! Im so glad I found you. Now ive got some reading to do to catch up.

    What fabulous day trips, the Rooster is having a ball! Ahh, boys and things that go - a universal theme!

    hugs G xx

  2. Man oh man, my little dude would LOOOOOOVE that day. Looks superb!