January 25, 2009

Eyespy something beginning with...J

Lauren has gone down the traditional path for this weeks Eyespy.

We have this little room at the end of our hall that many people don't know exists. It's not that it is concealed by some kind of rotating book case, it's because we always had the door firmly closed. Most people, when I talk of our 4th room, are surprised, and ask where it is, thinking that the closed door contained the linen closet. Ashamedly, it was not the linen closet. It was our Junkroom.

It was the room where we would dump all those things that had no other place in our home, where we would chuck everything when we did a quick whip-around clean-up 5 minutes before friends would arrive. It had a running machine, a futon (with various sporting equipment stashed under it), a tv, the printer, a filing cabinet and lots and lots of boxes and other assorted flotsam and jetsam. I would show a photo but no eyes, let alone lens, has ever seen it.

This weekend, the reign of the junk room has ended. We have found a place for each item that called the junk room home and if we couldn't find a new spot for it, it was either chucked or was ebayed. Tonight, the junk room has metamorphosed into Missy's bedroom.

Like the stuff in the junk room, our Missy has had no real room in our home. She would do her day sleeps in the Roosters room but at night we would put her on the landing because she is such an atrocious sleeper (have I mentioned that before?).
I found it hard to break the umbilical cord and put her downstairs, when the rest of us were sleeping together upstairs. But on Tuesday we hit breaking point. We needed to break her bad sleep habits, so down she went.

She sleeps more soundly than she has ever done. Who would have thought that all she needed was her own room and a bit of distance from her Mama?


  1. Well done! I'm sure Missy loves her room!

  2. Missy's new room looks great - what a satisfying job to clean it all out and make it so nice. I hope the good sleeping continues; funny how sometimes its harder on us than the little one when we make such changes!!

  3. Its always hard to let go but it sounds like Missy needed it as much as you. What a wonderful space you have created for her.

    When I went back to the UK for 5 weeks, my folks only have a small place and I was back sharing a room with Boo - about half way through the stay I lost it and said Boo had to start sleeping in the living room - we were both much much happier and better rested as a result. Poor grandparents were kicked out of their living room at 7pm every night - but I dont think they minded:)

    Now where are you going to put all that stuff you need to hide when people come to visit?