January 22, 2009

Mum, watch me fly!

The kidlins were at childcare today so the adults of this house ran a little amok cramming in some civilised adult time before work next week. A swim for some laps (very liberating to just arrive with a towel and our goggles), coffee with girlfriends (not a babycino in sight) and a long lunch with another friend. She and I covered more topics than we would in a week of playdate catch ups and had conversations that had a beginning and an end. Bliss.

This afternoon it was the kids turn to run amok.

Doing things they are not permissable under normal circumstances.

Fearlessly flying. Each time moving the bean bag just a little further away from the lounge.

Missy thought its was great fun and and laughed herself silly.

All the encouragement a little boy needed to do it again.

Amazing what they can get away with when there is a sniff of mother-guilt in the air.

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