January 18, 2009

A taste of summer

Strawberries and blueberries by the punnet-load. The taste of salt on my lips after a day at the beach. Champagne over Christmas. Prawns and oysters and fish and chips by the beach.

However, Summer 2009 has yeilded a new taste .

Home made smoothie icecreams made with love by Tools. We eat them for our afternoon tea on the deck. Each day a different flavour. Today it was cherry, banana and nectarine. Delish!

The Littlies have their own icecream eating style. The Rooster likes his to melt so he can suck it, smoothie like, from the straw.
Missy devours it with her two hands and and enjoys every moment of the experience.

Big cheer to AnastasiaC for such a great theme in this weeks Eyespy Sunday.


  1. Wow, my little girl loves her icecreams too! These look great.

  2. yum - im thinking i might have to make some of these when i get back down under next week. are they easy to make?

  3. Oh they sound nice, and your liitle ones look like the love them!